Cybersecurity has signed an executive order in the wake of the closure of the Biden pipeline

In particular, President Biden cites a number of recent developments, including solar winds, Microsoft Exchange Server hacks, and the ongoing Colon colonial pipeline situation. Signed an executive order Today it focuses on “improving the country’s cybersecurity”. The steps it takes are to improve the sharing of information between agencies, set policies to protect federal networks, and improve response to violations by creating a standard “playbook” that will be reviewed by CISA directors.

A Summary Published at the same time, it also sets the standards for software sold to the federal government and NIST works with applications to create a labeling program to educate the public about the security capabilities of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and software development practices. Similar to the star label.

It is unclear how much of an impact the order will have without congressional action and funding, but it does give the first few steps. According to NBC NewsAn administration official told reporters that it “reflects a fundamental change in our mentality from the response to the incident of resistance.” In a statement, Senator Mark Warner said, “This executive order is the first step, but the executive order can only go so far.”

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