Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Daisy Ridley is standing in the desert dressed as her character in Star Wars.

After burying those lightsabers, Daisy Ridley will face the dream.
Pictures: Lucasfilm

Daisy Ridley’s first adventure in sci-fi? Pretty good. The next one? Not too much. I hope you will be fascinated for the third time Star wars Actor He’s about the title A few films are called Falling mind.

Deadline That report Ray Skywalker himself Matthew Kasovits (AmelieFrom a script by Graham Moore (Simulation game) Ardis is a high-The last drug dealer, Only in this story Memory is the medicine of choice. Inside Falling mind, Other people’s memories are today’s popular medicine, people leave them to change pockets and others pay top dollars to plant new memories in their heads, which later apparently become their own. However, Ardis is eventually accused of killing one of his clients and when he starts trying to resolve the case, he doesn’t understand everything. Her The memory is actually his own.

It’s an interesting twist that seems to explore nostalgia, addiction and more In a great sci-fi package. And, of course, Ridley knows his way A sci-fi film major. That was the first film mentioned, of course Star Wars: The Force Awakens Where he played the role of a mysterious young scavenger named Ray. During the three movies we discovered that Ray was actually the granddaughter of the worst man in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine, Although he chooses the path of light, he defeats the beloved old grandfather and becomes the living embodiment of the JD path.

Although Ridley’s performance was strong, tHe had a mixed bag in the trilogy itself (Only if Falling mindOf Drugs can erase my memory The rise of Skywalker), And We not too good Ridley has something to say about other sci-fi journeys, Chaotic walking, Co-star Tom Holland. This is a good idea, however Long problematic movie That pretty damn end of being annoying, even under the eyes The edge of tomorrow Director Doug Lyman. Still, Falling mind With more adult sci-fi spins this seems to have a lot of potential. Hopefully we will get more news about it soon. The package is currently being sold in the American Film Market.

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