Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Late David Bowie The music is already immersed in many levels, but it is now reflected in the mix itself. All of Bowie’s post-2000 studio albums (Infidel, Reality, The next day And Black stars(Plus a live album)A real tour) Sony has been remixed 360 reality audio For the January 21st release of Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer and Tidal. You can also hear four A real tour Song today (January 6) evening via 7PM Eastern Sony Square And YouTube, And through Artist connection Later mobile app.

Importantly, longtime Bowie producer Tony Visconti was responsible for the blends. In other words, in 2022 you’ll find something close to the Bowie-approved mix, and it’s a fitting tribute to the upcoming 75th birthday of the rock legend. You can use any headphone to listen to 360 reality audio, though Sony will definitely like you to use Its products.

It won’t satisfy fans who want a 360-degree mix of the full classic album Hanky ​​Dory Or Less (Really, the album with “Sound and Vision” didn’t work again?) Similarly, if you like services like Apple Music or Spotify, you won’t be thrilled. To date, only a few Bowie songs have received local audio treatment, though – it’s still a treat for some enthusiasts interested in audio enjoyment.

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