Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Sadly, we’re getting notes Mindhunter season tu 3. later A short tease yesterday, Netflix has just released Its next project from renowned filmmaker David Fincher: VOIR, a collection of visual essays about the love of cinema. The short teaser doesn’t tell us much. But according to Writer and film critic Drew McQueen, Who is working on an episode of the series, will show individual inquiries about different aspects of VOIR movies.

McQueen Wrote in his newsletter, previously dangerous. “We are each dealing with a completely different concept, something that conspires with us or upsets us or relates to our connection to the film. “

Like a lot Love, death and robots, Fincher and Tim Miller’s animated sci-fi series (Death well), VOIR episodes will be from 10 to 30 minutes. The series is produced by co-creator David Prier The recent cult horror has hit The Empty Man. Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos, the pair behind the excellent YouTube series Each frame is a painting, Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhao are also listed as directors. VoIR will premiere at LA’s AFI Fest in November and Netflix says it will go on streaming service soon.

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