‘Day Gun’ hit the Steam and Epic Games Store on May 19th

There is Sony When you get to play The horror game of survival on PC is coming to Steam, Epic Games Store and other digital storefronts on May 19th and will cost 50.

A PC gameplay trailer displays a few features you can expect from the port. The day is over There will be support for visual upgrades, unlocked framerate and 21: 9 Ultra-Wide Monitor. You’ll be able to customize the graphics settings (this isn’t something to be surprised about as a PC game), take advantage of a super-resolution photo mode, and play with first- and third-party controllers. So, you can play PlayStation games with an Xbox controller if you want.

It’s not often that Sony brings its PlayStation to an exceptional PC, but plans to do so by keeping more titles in line. Jump up .

In the meantime, PlayStation Plus customers can . This is also part .

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