Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Washington, DC has filed a revised no-confidence motion against Attorney General Carl Resin. . He has accused Amazon of being powerful armed wholesalers who supply products to it under competitive anti-contract and subsidize at low prices. Engadget contacted Amazon for comment.

“We knew Amazon was anti-competitive, but through our investigation we understand how far it goes,” Resin said. .

AG argues that Amazon needs a guarantee from wholesalers that it will make the lowest profit if it resells its products. Those deals enable Amazon to lower competitors’ prices and force wholesalers to differentiate between lost profit margins. Obtained by .

Resin claims that it persuades wholesalers to charge more for products elsewhere to offset these payments, making it more difficult for other e-commerce platforms to compete against Amazon’s prices. David Burnett is the CEO of Popscates Amazon demanded compensation from the company after the price was reduced.

In the initial version of the suite, , Resin claims that Amazon prevents third-party vendors from delivering their products at lower prices on other platforms. Amazon is facing distrust verification elsewhere, including , The And . Several state attorney generals have also said the agency is investigating whether it has broken the no-confidence law.

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