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Batman is jumping in the night sky, throwing batarang, while his cape is spinning behind him.

Earth-Prime # 1 cover inset by Clayton Henry.
Pictures: DC Comics

Of the various DC superhero shows, only CW aired Arrows, Supergirl, And Flash Comics (in short) have been transformed, and you’ll notice that the two shows are already over. It creates Earth-dominated, A new series from DC that will explore other TV series arrowverse Before assembling them for a crossover event, a significant event.

The first five issues of the six-digit short series will focus on each separate series. But these are not mere tie-ins; Not only do they fit in with the TV series, they reveal secrets, they’re going to shake things up by introducing new main characters, and righteousness knows what else. Here is a summary of the first two topics, centered Batman And Superman and Lois Respectively:

Earth-dominated # 1: “Ever since technology has made Batman’s many villains hit the streets, Ryan Wilder has been trying to capture new villains popping up around Gotham City. Then Batman will need help from an unexpected source to contain this muddy enemy! Also, follow how Luke Fox balances his life as a superhero and a boyfriend! “

Earth-dominated # 2: “[…] A story illuminated on the first anniversary of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Trying to celebrate their marital happiness is never easy when you are a superhero husband and wife of a news reporter; Especially when creating world-saving and hard-hitting stories keeps ruining your plans! Also, the real source of John Henry Irons’ evil Superman in the world has finally been revealed!

Introducing Clayface — a character that is probably too expensive to bring in a live-action with a CW budget — and explaining the origins of Evil Superman is a big deal! It will be interesting to see what the next three issues, starring Legends of Tomorrow, Stargirl and The Flash, will bring to their respective series.

Earth-Prime # 1 Will be written by Batman Series writers Natalie Abrams and Kelly Larson, along with star Cameras Johnson, who played the role of Luke Fox / Batwing, while Clayton Henry directed the art. Will also come from the second number Superman and Lois Authors Adam Malinger, Jay Jamieson, and Andrew Wang, along with Tom Grumate and Norm Rapmund’s Art. The miniseries will premiere on April 5 in comic stores, both physical and digital.

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