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Batman drinks coffee from A. "The right father of the earth" Mug when Jason Todd fights over a cookie in the dust clouds and stars from Batman: Wayne Family Adventures.

Kids, am I right, Bruce?
Pictures: Starbyte / DC Comics / Webtone

There is nothing that surprises me Batman Comics And, but I never expected to see a dead, tortured soul / antihero before Jason Todd Lunge after a cookie. This is one of the many exciting scenes from DC Comics’ first collaboration with the Korean Digital Comics platform. Webtone, Batman: Wayne Family Adventure.

If you’re familiar with what sets WebTunes apart, say, available at Digital Comics DC Universe InfiniteFeel free to go to the next paragraph. The rest of you: Webtune rentals are not regular computers, optimized for reading on mobile platforms. This means that the pages are all designed vertically, and simple – these are usually a panel, with just a few lines of dialogue, making it easy to see and read on a small screen.

Written by CRC Pain with Rat Bloom aka Starler Art Starbyte (Pun intended), Batman: Wayne Family Adventure It doesn’t gain this trend, but what makes it so special is that it focuses so much more on the bat-family, much more than adventure. The The first three problems Available now, and they are virtually the story of Bat-Life: Issue # 1 features Duke Thomas (aka The Signal) moving to Wayne Manor and taking a tour from Damien Wayne; # 2 Totally a feud between Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Kane, Duke and Damien over who could finish eating Alfred’s award-winning cookies; # 3 is Barbara Gordon having brunch with her father while trying to quarrel / mom with her bat-comrades the night before. It’s incredibly healthy, funny and very enjoyable to read, especially if you’re tired of the brooding, dirty bat-family drama of major comics.

Wayne Family Adventure This is the first of DC’s collaboration with Webtone, which features thousands of webcomics from publishers of images, legends and more, and has 722 million monthly readers. It may not be a better start to the partnership, but it has also set a high bar for it The series will arrive later. But if it could be satisfying to leave a post-brick note on the wheel of a Bruce Wayne batmobile, reminding Damien that he’s too young to drive, I can’t wait to read it.

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