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Cliff Steele of Doom Patrol talking to his robot in his human form.

Brendon Fraser as Cliff Steele Doom petrol.
Pictures: HBO Max

Warner Bros. ‘ The latest comedy, live-action Batman Movies Finally getting enough oxygen, Bruce Wayne Bat is not the only member of the family on the way to another big cinematic adventure. Barbara Gordon will eventually join the directors at DCEU Adil L RB and Billal Faller Batgirl With Leslie Grace A played the title roleAnd now we know another key cast member.

Although it is unclear whether any other DCEU characters would logically exist in Batgirl’s orbit-Such as his father, Commissioner Jim Gordon, or Batman himself.MShow ight New movie, Barbara W.The bat has fallen ill against at least one member of the family’s rogue gallery. According to tHe is a Hollywood reporter, Doom patrolSigned by Brendon Fraser Batgirl To play a The villain who, despite being undeclared, Is supposed to be Gangster Carmine Falcon.

In DC Comics, Carmine is the ancestor of the powerful Falcon Mob family who are known for various criminal acts throughout Gotham City. Despite a moment of generosity and heroism in the past, Wayne and the Falcon family bond, Batman Collision with Falcon Everywhere organization of Frank Miller and David Majucheli Batman: First year. Both reasons Warner Bros. have not officially released a statement about who Fraser is playing, And reason John Turturo was cast as Falcon In Matt Reeves Batman, It’s probably Fraser Completely anyone else can play. But the idea of ​​Fraser jumping from (internal) hero to villain is an interesting one, and hopefully many more will emerge from one of the compulsive developments. Batgirl Since its production continues.

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