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September 29, Offering free (or almost free) cups of coffee for National Coffee Day, tons of cafes and coffee shops across the United States have opened their doors to celebrate modest coffee beans. Two days later, it’s now International Coffee Day, and we decided to update our contract list and add a few new ones to keep the party going.

We’re all about Java at Wired. Many of our coffee-related guides, e.g. The best Latte and Cappuccino manufacturers, The best portable coffee maker, Best coffee subscription, And The best coffee grinder.

Updated October 1: I removed some expired contracts after National Coffee Day, added Brew Bundle from Slow Our Leaf supply, and a coffee contract from Atlas Coffee for International Coffee Day.

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Coffee beans and machine deals

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The Precision Brewer has a glass of carafe and adjustable water temperature, which is the secret to good drip coffee. Just don’t leave the hot plate on it too long; All bottom-heated coffee machines will eventually provide a burnt odor. There is also a version that comes with one Thermal Carafe $ 240 ($ 60 discount).

Braille makes some of the best espresso machines we have tested. The Barista Express doesn’t heat up as fast as our absolute favorite, the Barista Pro and dual boilers, but it’s much more affordable and can do everything from crushing beans to foaming your milk. It has been retailing for about ০০ 600 since the epidemic began, but if you’re willing to get it on Black, it’s on sale right now.

Origami drippers are all the rage right now, and for good reason. They are sturdy, beautifully made, and they produce a delightful cup of pullover coffee. This bundle gives you a dripper, a ceramic travel mug from Stoke, a wooden container for the dripper (think of it as an adapter, so that the dripper fits any size mug), and a package of filters that will keep you going for months. Or weeks, depending on how much coffee you drink. There is no justice.

Primula is always really affordable, and it has been our favorite cold-rice coffee maker for years. This time is as good as choosing any one. It is relatively easy to clean, keeps cold molds mostly poly-free and is more durable than many cold-boiled curves. It also comes in a few fun colors!

Double-walled glass is a killer way to serve coffee. The internal vacuum keeps your drink warm, and the glass walls let you see all those gorgeous caramel colors as you move around.

Partners Coffee provides good quality beans at a reasonable price. You can get a 10 percent discount on all coffee and tea orders from 28 September to 3 October if you enter the Discover Code at checkout. Quick tip, though: partners offer 15 percent of your first two orders with Fresh Code, so you may want to place a few orders to make the most of these discounts.

Atlas Coffee is a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly fried beans to your doorstep every two weeks or four weeks, and for National and International Coffee Day it is providing free bean bags with the code COFFEEDAY2021. If you don’t plan on sticking to the subscription, be sure to cancel it after placing your order for your free bag, you will need to take a two week or four week repeat order at checkout but you can cancel it right away.

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