Defense Colonial ‘right to defense’ lies Israel-Palestine conflict

The declining violence in the Middle East has created heart-wrenching images and statistics. As I write this, At least 160 peopleThe Israeli army bombed the densely populated Gaza Strip and armed Palestinian groups fired rockets into Israeli cities, killing most Palestinians, including at least 41 children – most of them Palestinians. Inter-communal violence has already spread across Israel.

In response, Western governments, led by U.S. President Joe Biden, have sought to unequivocally condemn Palestinian groups for the rocket barrage, but there is much more to condemn Israel’s attacks on Palestinian civilians.

Lucarme’s expressions of “disappointment” and “grave concern” over the deaths of Palestinians have been further broadened by his declaration of “unwavering support” for Israel’s protection and Israel’s legitimate right to self-defense. The actions of the Palestinian groups that carried out the Israeli bombing, even after creating a small fraction of the deaths and destruction, were even more offensive.

Although some progressive politicians – such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman in the U.S. Congress, have exposed the hypocrisy of claiming Israelis’ right to self-defense, they have even supported the outright denial of Israel’s justice.

Colonial occupiers have long claimed a “right” to protect themselves from the indigenous community’s resistance to genocide. The history of the African colonies is bound up with the corpses and mass graves of those who dared to resist militarily higher Europeans.

Book Historian Caroline Elkins, in her book, describes the “assassination campaign” in colonial Kenya by the British after the Mau Mau peasant uprising in the British Gulag in the 1950s, including concentration camps. 1.5 million Kikuyu citizens And a brutal system of concentration camps that claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, even decades later, as a result of the insurgency.

The idea of ​​”legitimacy” in the face of UN General Assembly Resolution 3 198/33 of 19 ideas2 has the right to terrorize, brutalize, torture and kill those who steal their land under the “self-defense” campaign of the imperialist land grabbers. , National unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and the struggle for liberation from foreign occupation by all available means including armed struggle. The proposal reaffirms this right, especially in the Palestinian conflict.

So, in Gaza today, rather than “moral clarity”, the West is using moral contempt to justify attacks on the refugee population by an ial colonial power that has evicted them from their country, in fact exposed what has blocked them. – Claims the right to do it in prison and then in peace and quiet.

When the Western media calls it a “growing cycle,” it equates torture with resistance to persecution, and presents violence as a conflict between both sides and a conflict over protection and equal claims to land. It ignores the fact that Palestinians have been involved in decades of illegal and immoral occupation, and in the struggle for national liberation against the imposition of a government of racial and ethnic discrimination that Human Rights Watch has published in the media. Clearly refuse to make upSaid the caste fits the definition of international crime.

In interviews, Israeli spokesmen repeatedly stressed that Israel’s self-proclaimed “world’s most moral army,” Palestinian resistance leaders, who say they are hiding behind civilians, have problems finding and killing them.

The Western media is pleased to acknowledge that the leaders of Hamas and other groups have legitimate goals, and that while its tactics are somewhat redundant, Israel is still waging a legitimate war. The relentless adoption of this framing by the Israeli state to represent the Palestinian resistance against colonial colonial domination and expulsion has complicated the Western media.

As Ocasio-Cortez noted, he reconstituted the line that “Israel has a right to defend itself” without legitimizing the issue of persecution as an excuse and an excuse. But he should have gone further. If the Western media, politicians and diplomats really seek moral transparency, they should be openly rejected like gaslighting and on both sides, this horrible proposition that colonial states like Israel have the right to protect them from the oppression they inflict on them.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the author and his editorial position on Al Jazeera.

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