Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Security researchers say Dell has been releasing firmware updates to drivers since 2009 that include “five high-intensity errors.” Sentinel Lab. The issue could affect millions of PCs but PC makers have now solved it by one Protection patchAccording to a Dale Security advisory update.

The error (in a file called debutil) is actually a connection of five vulnerabilities that are collectively identified as CVE-2021-21551. Four of the errors lead to an increase in benefits and result in service rejection. Some are 380 models Affected, From desktops to the latest alienware and Dell laptops. If you own a Dell computer, even if it is no longer supported, there is a good chance that it is on the list.

There is no evidence of a date for exploiting vulnerabilities in the wild. According to Dell’s FAQ, an attacker will need local access to your machine in order to use hacking or other means of cheating. After all, if you update the firmware, it will only affect the PC, because the driver in question is not preloaded on the PC.

Sentinel Labs researchers have provided technical information about the error but have retained the details of the exploit to give users time to patch. If you think your PC may be affected, follow Dell’s guide to fix the vulnerabilities Here.

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