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Marquee talks about climate change at a news conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, October 7, 2021.

Marquee talks about climate change at a news conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, October 7, 2021.
Pictures: Alex Brandon (AP)

Glasgow, Scotland – Several members of Congress came there UN Climate Meeting in Glasgow Saturday, the night after Congress moved A little closer On the last line of passing some kind of climate action in the form of the Build Back Better Act.

Congress has passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that provides funding for adaptation but not too much in the way of clean energy. The House has agreed in a vote that Could have happened Shortly after the end of the UN negotiations on the Build Back Better Act, which contained historic provisions on climate. 5 555 billion. The Democratic Senate delegation marched in full force to the U.S. pavilion in Glasgow to announce to the world that Congress would pass the bill and the country would officially cement its place as a climate leader. But the historical nature of the bill does not preclude tensions with activists who are arguing for the claims of science.

At a public event in Glasgow on Saturday afternoon, Sen. Ed Markey praised him as “President Biden’s transformational agenda.” His message: The law is close to being passed and the United States is doing a great job.

“We’re going to get this done, and it’s going to bring a revolution of clean energy,” he said.

Markey is a veteran of the UN climate meeting, Their participation Similar to the 2009 distorted iteration in Copenhagen when he was in the House. He has long been a staunch climate lawyer in the highlands, including Green is the new contract champion Earlier in the Senate, he co-authored the latest Big Climate Bill, the 2009 Waxman-Marquee Act, in Washington, DC. The bill would set the price of carbon across the United States, among other things, before it burns in the Senate. That means he’s not unfamiliar with climate defeat; He means something to be bullish towards the Build Back Better Act.

There Good thing It stands as work. Clean energy tax credits, the creation of a civilian climate corps, and funding for extreme weather and resilient work are currently included in the bill, all of which will be essential to tackling the climate crisis. But Likes coal and dirty utilities Sen. Joe Manchin (and 50 Republican senators who oppose the bill) assassinated the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), a provision that was part of the original law. The single largest climate pollution reducer Rewarded utilities that used more clean energy and punished those that didn’t

Democrats have found new ways to redistribute funds to other initiatives in the CEPP, and President Joe Biden The environmental protection agency promises Power plants will find a way to clean up their work. But climate victory is still slim. The Supreme Court Hall Possibly ready to limit EPA’s ability to control power plants, That promise could render Moot. And it casts doubt on whether the United States can reduce emissions to a level that cannot clear the amount of tax credits for solar. The Build Back Better Act would be the largest climate investment in U.S. history, but the history of dragging feet means the claim isn’t as impressive as it sounds.

Native American activist Jacob Johns, who was on the panel with Marquee, returned to the cheerful attitude. “It’s our responsibility to hold our government accountable,” Johns said after noting that the Biden administration was allowing oil to run through Dakota Access. Line 3 pipeline. “When we talk about action, what are we talking about? How are we going to talk about how America is somehow a progressive beacon of light? Or will we actually build better? ”

Arthur spoke to Marquee after the event where the senator said the bill was “very close” to being passed and that there was no significant difference in climate.

“We need to reassure the world that we have closed the Trump era book, we are back in business and we support President Biden’s program and we will find votes to pass it,” he said.

Markey is in a tight spot. In one Op-ed at local outlet WBUR Just before the climate talks, he said “Congress must continue to work for the next few days to come to an agreement on a bold, climate-focused reconciliation package” to show the world that the United States is serious. Although it did not. Instead, the world has seen a coal-sympathetic senator and unscrupulous Republicans remove the most powerful provisions to reduce carbon pollution. In an interview Yahoo News At the conference, Markey said whether Manchin would vote on the bill was “the most important question on our minds” and other Democratic senators in Glasgow echoed that sentiment, indicating that the process was still fluid.

Negotiations over whether or not to pass the law are not necessarily stagnant, but the United States carries a lot of weight. The assurances from Marquee and other senators will show next week whether the assurances are enough for the world. But what is clear is that they are not enough for the staff.

“It looks like another greenwashing tour, and it’s all nonsense, and we’re dancing, and it’s really frustrating,” Johns said of Marquee’s comments after the event. “They are trying to do something right now so that they can say that they have achieved something. I don’t want to hear any more. “

Brian Kahn contributed to this story.

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