Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

In a scene from the horror film Agnes, a woman dressed in black with bloody tears from her eyes stands in a black background.

Molly C. as Mary. Queen Agnes.
Pictures: Stephen Sutter / Magnet Releasing

Two young men The nun, Mary (CastleMolly C. Queen) and Agnes (Hailey McFarland), meet In a convent And make a friendship — but as a trailer for a new horror movie Agnes Suggests that one of them is being followed by a kind of poultry-like appearance … and the other is probably demonically possessed. At least it looks that way for sure!

Here is the official summary, which is short enough to surprise you No. I tell you, especially in that trailer all the wild images are given: “The annoying behavior of a monk spreads rumors of demonic possession in a remote convent. When a waiting priest and his fascinated counselor are sent to investigate, their methods are reversed, leading to terror and trauma. “

Mickey Reese, who said in the press note of the film Black narcissus And Satan Among his influencers were director and co-author with John Selvis. The rest of the cast is included Galactic GuardiansIts Shawn song as well as Jack Horowitz (The Vast of Night), Chris Browning, Ben Hall, Mary Bass, and Chris Sullivan. Agnes Dec. 10 arrives in theaters and on demand.

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