Denmark accuses 3 Americans and 3 British in tax fraud scandal

Danish prosecutors have charged three U.S. citizens and three British nationals with defrauding Denmark of $ 1.5 million in the latest step in a wide-ranging European investigation. Dividend tax fraud.

Danish Prosecutors have complained Hundreds of counterfeit shares were used against six people in 2014 and 2015 to reclaim dividend tax through a German bank after the state treasury DKR raised more than ১ 1.1 billion ($ 155 million).

“We believe that the six accused were the central principal behind the fraud, which was committed with the help of the German North Channel Bank,” said Pierre Fig, state prosecutor in charge of serious economic and international crimes.

North Channel Bank, which is based in Mainz and is now under new management, took its role in the cum-ex scandal in 2019 and was fined DKr110m by a Danish court.

The new allegations are the second leg of an attempt by Danish prosecutors to identify those responsible for defrauding the country of DKR 12.7 BN.

Officials in Germany, Italy and France are also investigating ex-ex-schemes where the government was deceived into paying billions of euros in dividend taxes that were never paid. The shares of the transaction around the date of payment of dividends are repeatedly paid for the presence of multiple owners in the schemes involved in the transaction, each of whom can claim a tax refund.

Danish prosecutors in January Charge two UK nationals – including Sanjay Shah who now lives in Dubai – claims DKr9.6bn in case of fraudulent tax refund. Shah denied any wrongdoing and said he had sought professional advice before conducting the business, a spokesman said at the time.

Prosecutors are seeking a 12-year prison sentence for eight people accused of total fraud in Denmark, a crime that typically carries a maximum of eight years in prison, but authorities can apply for harsher sentences, especially in serious cases.

Speaking about the charges against the six men on Tuesday, Faig said: “We do not expect them to voluntarily appear for the criminal trial, as they run the risk of being sentenced to so many years in prison, so we are working on all possible options to ensure that the accused stand trial. Will be present for. I can’t go into more detail about what that means at the moment. “

He added that prosecutors are continuing to investigate the claim for recovery of the remaining DKR2BN fraud charges.

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