Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Now that Lucid Air is finally in production, Its creator is interested in contacting EV Semi-autonomous driving assistance – Although what is here can be as much as what is missing. The new brand has given more details of its DreamDrive system, which is now divided into regular and pro versions. Both variants will include 14 regular cameras, four cameras, five radar sensors and a string of ultrasonic sensors, but you’ll need the Air in Dream Edition or Grand Turing trim for the DreamDrive Pro’s leader and the advanced features that come with it. .

Each air buyer will get key features like Highway Assist (Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering), Traffic Jam Assist (Lane Centering at Low Speed), Cross Traffic Safety and Auto Park (for both parallel and long parking). A combination of an infrared driver camera and hands-off detection will ensure that your head, eyes and (of course) hands are focused on the road. If you are disabled or simply ignore the warnings, DreamDrive will eventually bring the car to a complete stop, turn on the hazard lights, and unlock the doors. If you ever use a Tesla autopilot, these will seem familiar at an early stage.

But you will need DreamDrive Pro to get the most out of Lucid’s platform. Pro level will be included 21-speaker instructional warning As well as the upcoming highway pilot system and its “conditional” hands-free driving. Vehicles with the Pro will also get the Highway Assist feature through software updates, although Lucid did not say when these upgrades will come.

The described technology still does not match all the features of its most advanced competitors, e.g. Tesla is completely self-driving Or GM’s upcoming Ultra Cruise. The leader may give Lucid an edge, but the sensor may take a long time to reach its full potential. Instead, Lucid’s greatest advantage can only be his more realistic (if still fluent) marketing. Where Tesla problem To imply that his cars are autonomous, Lucid is careful to place the Dreamdrive as a driver assistance system and nothing more.

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