Despite the concerns of the states, Facebook is standing on Instagram for the kids app

Despite calls from a group of more than 40 state attorney generals to abandon the project, Facebook has indicated it plans to launch a version of its Instagram photo app for young children.

A bilateral Letter address To CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 44 attorney-generals have called for the social network to abandon plans to launch an Instagram for under-1s, expressing concern that social media has a detrimental effect on children’s well-being.

The group argued that Facebook historically “failed to protect the safety and privacy of children on its platform.”

“An Instagram platform for young children is harmful for countless reasons. The attorney general called on Facebook to abandon plans to launch the new platform, “the letter said.

In a statement, Facebook indicated that they were moving forward with the plans but would work with members of the legislature to respond to their concerns.

“Every parent knows that kids are online when they grow up, whether adults want it or not. We want to improve this situation by providing parents with visibility and control over what their children are doing. “

“We are developing these experiences with the advice of child development, child protection and mental health experts and privacy counselors. We look forward to working with the legislature and regulators, including the country’s attorney general. ”

Facebook plans to create a new app, which Bloomberg says is known as internal Instagram Youth, March saw an immediate response from politicians and in favor of child safety.

At that month’s hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives, Zuckerberg and associates were confronted by social media, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Google’s Pichai Barrage of complaints Their platforms are designed to intentionally trap young users too soon, track kids online and expose them to toxic content and predators.

In their letter on Monday, the attorney general noted that Facebook’s Messenger for Kids app, launched in 2011, later found a “significant design flaw” that allows children to join group chats with strangers without their parents’ approval. There was an error Fixed later.

Facebook argued that creating a child-friendly version of its apps with extra parental controls could protect even younger people who would otherwise lie about their age to sign up on major platforms if they were exposed to serious content.

On Monday, Facebook said the company was “committed to not showing ads on any Instagram experience developing for under-13s.”

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