Dex Shepard’s ‘Armchair Expert’ becomes a Spotify exclusive on July 1st

It’s not a secret that wants to be spotted Podcasts are a big deal in the world. Signed by Streaming Music Company Joe Rogan’s show last year As an exclusive and it has a contract with it ObamaAs well Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel. Now, you can add Dex Shepard and Monica Padmans Armchair specialist Go to the pile. Starting July 1, Armchair specialist A Spotify will become exclusive. Additionally, the show’s parent company Armchair will be the first look with Spotify for any new features from the umbrella network.

Armchair specialist It will always be on the same show, but only with the extra opportunity that Spotify can offer us, “said co-host and producer Monica Padman.” We continue to bring our human-powered materials and doorless bathroom to the attention of our audience. This is an exclusive platform. “

The exclusive deal doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Armchair specialist One of the most popular podcasts in the neighborhood and featuring guests Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and Malcolm Gladwell (along with many of Shepard’s celebrity friends). It’s a show that serves as an introduction to the world of podcasts, where hosts are usually more backward and conversations aren’t nearly as formal or structured as state radio. Podcasting is still a relatively niche medium, so Spotify needs to do whatever it takes to give mainstream listeners a shot.

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