Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Discord says Stage channel An injury, however Stage discovery Platforms that were designed to make it easier to find servers with live speakers still require a lot of work. After evaluating whether the portal was actually helping users find audio content broadcasting communities relevant to them, Discord decided Kill Stage Discovery 4 October.

Stage Discovery is an interface between the app that broadcasts the channel at the moment, in which the user from the server is already a member. Based on some user primary Impressions, Though, it tends to be full of random shows they don’t take special care of them. “By listening directly to our communities and administrators, we have learned that we still have work to do on server onboarding and moderation,” the company wrote in its announcement.

Since Discord Stage plans to continue investing and expanding channels, it is forced to launch other ways to find audio broadcasts in the future. The company says it is taking some time to reconsider the discovery aspect of the phases and how it can better connect users with the relevant community for their interests.

To date, about one million communities have operated a platform, according to the company’s announcement. People have been using it to organize AMAs, conferences and even bitboxing competitions. For now, it will focus on introducing more features for stage channels, including better moderation tools. Discord has also recently introduced scheduled events for the stage, allowing users to plan events ahead of time so they can reach more potential attendees.

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