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If you’ve been getting cable subscriptions for the last 80 years or more, you probably know that when people talk about “Big Three” networks, they’re ABC, CBS, And NBC – the three major commercial broadcast television networks that have dominated programming in the United States for decades. Now, according to new research by analysts Digital TV research, May soon be the time to crown the “Big Three” for a new generation of media users: the streaming era.

After the numbers shrunk, researchers saw that global SVOD subscriptions would increase to 491 million between 2021 and 2026, eventually reaching 1.64 billion. But when Netflix The current ruling champion of streaming, reporting around 209 million global paid membership at the end of Q2 in 2021, researchers expect Disney + to gain the throne within the next five years. According to Digital TV Research, Disney’s Streaming Jagernat is on track to add 140 million subscribers at a time, bringing the total to 284 million, while Netflix is ​​expected to add 53 million new users, eventually reaching 271 million subscribers.

While Disney + will be declared the master of our original content and the undisputed winner of the streaming war by 2026, analysts are critical that the three platforms will eventually control the lion’s share of global SVOD subscriptions, with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video currently lagging behind. Excluding any dramatic improvements, it is more likely to be the Big Three of your streaming, the currently crowded area is getting smaller from there.

The emergence of a “Big Three of streaming”, when you think about it, is almost inevitable. Capitalism encourages companies to play the game of hungry Hungry Hippos to gain as much global power and influence as possible, and streaming wars are no different: as recent trends have shown, each brand now Continuous Trying to acquire as much intellectual property as possible so that customers can provide the most dazzling assortment of potential content, challenges them to compete.

The latest Carriage Deal drama – one of which has just been seen YouTube TV and NBC Universal, Later reported Company demand The platform that owns the streaming service, Peacock Bu, just proves that bundle deals are probably the ultimate frontier of the search for brand consolidation. The peacock is back Weak customer numbers Since it was launched in 2020, and the unreasonable claim to connect it to YouTube TV was probably NBC Universal’s full bid to run the distribution. As the pack begins to thin out in the coming years, we’ll probably see more and more brands leaning towards bundle deals and similarly desperate endeavors to reach new customers, no matter how little they make for direct. -Customer model that was built on streaming. After all, 2026 is still a long way off, and we still have a good portion of the streaming wars left to fight.

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