Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Disney + is going to lean even more Sci-fi nostalgia To return to the audience. Deadline Report Disney is remaking its 1986 classic Navigator flight For streaming services. The details of the reboot are rare, but it will feature a female lead and view Bryce Dallas Howard (Who conducted two Mandlorian Episode) creates both direct and title.

There is no mention of cast or release date. The child that binds to the alien spaceship is safe to say its basic premise, not much will change for this adaptation.

The project is a clever move for Disney. The company still focuses on Disney + Original (and many of its features) Other titles, For that matter) in the vicinity of known brands and shows. A Navigator flight The reboot gives Disney + Bank a well-known name and accelerates the development of the story এটি it’s a generation of fans without investing huge sums of money in production (you probably have “consent” in your head! “

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