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A window view of the Halicon Galactic Starcruiser flying through space.

What, you’ve never seen a space hotel before?
Screenshot: Disney / Lucasfilm

From its creators Star Wars: The Theme Park: Comic BookCome now Star Wars: Theme Park: Hotel: Comic Book!

Yes Ridiculously expensive Star wars cosplay experience Known as the Galactic Starcruiser, the hotel is coming soon Star Wars: The Galaxy Edge (Walt Disney World’s Black Spire Outpost on Batu in Orlando, Florida) is also getting a comic book series from Marvel. Titled Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser: Halsion Legacy, Will detail the rich history of the comic Halsion, Because it certainly is. And this one Long History too.

The cover art of Halsion Legacy # 1 by EM Gist.

Halsion Legacy # 1Of Cover art by EM Gist.
Pictures: Marvel / Lucasfilm

That Old woman Wookiee Jedi on the first cover of the comic, and if you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought Burryaga was part of High Republic Series Which occurs hundreds of years before the original Star wars Trilogy, ”and then followed that thought to mind,“ Wait, isn’t the Galaxy Edge Park supposed to be in the middle? The Last Jedi And The rise of the Skywalker? ”Then you are right in both cases. Apparently, Halsion is a very old StarCruiser, which seems strange to me considering how frequently and consistently the Starships were updated during Skywalker story events. Of course, Canon says there was a JD training ship called the Crucible that had been in operation for hundreds of years, but it was only used to ferry young people around. On the other hand, according to the official summary of Halsion Comics, some steps have been taken:

“The biggest voice of all-star cruisers!

  • “When the legendary HALCYON embarks on an important … cruise, the ship is confronted with the first order!
  • “But what mystery of the High Republic era can help passengers and crew after so many years?
  • “And how did JDI NIBS and Buri prevent Nihil’s attack on the ship’s first voyage?”

Basically, I’m thinking Halsion Secretly a ni de sound death trap is a wrong laser away from exploding in space at any moment. Which makes the price tag even more unreasonable.

Written by Ethan Sachs and with the art of Will Sline, who did it too Galaxy Edge Comics together, Five issues Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser: Halsion Legacy The miniseries will come next year, as will the hotel itself.


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