Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

A doctor, Hu Sontron, wearing a helmet under one arm, on a white horse.

In the valley of death, riding … angry potatoes.
Pictures: BBC

We were not Sontarans Doctor K. For a short time, and even when we did, there was more to the comedy variety in the form of streaks than the terrifying little ankle-beater-wath-laser-song when they re-introduced it with “The Sontran Strategy.” “Sky of Poison” A decade ago. Now that they are back in action, let’s chat about everything for the glory of Sontar!

The sophomore episode of Doctor K: Flux, Aptly titled “Battle of the Sontrans”, Doctor, Yaz and their unfortunate new best friend Dan are dragged from the ends of the world as the army of the 19th century and on the front lines of the Crimean War. Humanity found itself against the technological power of the Sontaran Empire. Time has been less kind WHOFrom a visual standpoint Sontarans ’new tech-gel has been replaced with the blue-toned army of their previous NuWho debut, more classic-inspired silver and gray. And now, well … they don’t look so primitive, they look amazingly ugly, do they? It’s really going back to some of the aesthetics of Sontron’s past.

Let us know what you think of the “Battle of the Sontrans” in the comments below এবং and stay tuned Doctor K. Compilation tomorrow.

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