Dodge’s 2FA safety update for muscle cars will slow down thieves’ crawl

One earlier this week A Michigan state trooper passed while traveling at 120 mph carrying the stolen Dodge charger He lost control and hit two other vehicles before him. This is an incredible video that is probably a bit common and now Dodge is releasing a software update It can cut just that kind of thing.

Autblog The Safety Mode update indicates that car manufacturers will soon be making it available for 2015 owners or for more new charger and Challenger models equipped with larger HMI V-8 engines. This is adding two-factor authentication, instead of just sending a push notification to your phone or generating a code, it’s a simple four-digit PIN. The car needs to unlock its full potential in order to combine your acquaintance (your car key) with anything you have. Once the safety feature is turned on, the engine will not exceed idle speed (675 rpm) if you do not input the code where it has only about 2.8 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque.

This is enough to stop any kind of high-flying valet dream or especially reckless tide riding. This is a feature where Tesla was ahead of other manufacturers It added pin-to-drive protection in 2018 Thieves use cloned or spoofed keys to solve the same problem.

Dodge muscle car owners will be able to combine the feature with a free software update installed by their dealer in the second quarter of this year.

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