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A stealth bomber was shot in the silhouette opposite the blue sky

What if it’s a stealth bomber, but it’s electric.
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The U.S. military is single-major Institutional source of carbon pollution On earth. But the Pentagon wants you to know that this could be part of a climate solution.

“Once we realize that we can’t opt ​​out of climate change in everything we do – it’s just a reality, a reality of how we think about the future – then we can really get ahead and be. . Productive “Kathleen Hicks, Pentagon Second-in-Command, Told CNN.

Hicks says that with $ 750 billion being poured into lithium-ion batteries each year, China is pointing to more money flows. He said it was “an important national security challenge” for the United States, and was more transparent in an interview earlier this month.“Part of what we’re trying to do on behalf of the Department of Defense is to raise the national security flag in our interest,” he said.

Decarbonizing the military is certainly an option. The Department of Defense has thousands of vehicles, ranging from base sedans to combat Humvees. Then there are fighter jets, drones, submarines, aircraft carriers and more — all largely dependent on fossil fuels. In many cases, these vehicles are highly fuel-efficient.

Hicks said charging logistics would require military forces to go electric with potential stops in hybrid electric areas for heavy-duty vehicles in combat. But, he said, “if we do not follow through and be part of the solution, we will be left behind and our fleet will not be supported.”

Would an EV Ripper drone drop a biodegradable bomb be a step in the right direction? Oh, of course, I guess that’s your thing.

Perhaps, though, a quick way to decriminalize the military is to shrink its budget and consider using it elsewhere. The Pentagon’s annual budget 40 740 billion, A number that beautifully reflects the global cost of the Hicks battery industry. Why not take some of that budget and immerse yourself in digging and starting on battery R&D? And while we’re at it, why not take a few billion more and put it into programs that will use clean energy technology to make Americans’ homes safer and more secure?

Expansion of public transit will allow people to move more freely and reduce reliance on vehicles Thousands killed Accidents and thousands more due to air pollution in the United States alone. Ensuring more affordable housing for people will allow people to have more comfortable living and freedom, especially for low-income families who spend unequal amounts on utility bills. These are just two examples, but there are countless ways for the United States to prioritize spending on batteries and other equipment to decarbonize, which significantly improves people’s lives rather than greening.Up to the military

Yet “national security” is like a magical word that instantly unlocks meaning. Sen. Joe Manchin voted in July for বিভাগের 740 billion in defense, Saying That “the military must be ready to protect our nation from threats at home and abroad.” Regarding the Build Back Better Act, which the White House says includes $ 550 billion in climate funding over a decade, Manchin has worked to overcome it at every turn.

Manchin said in a statement that “without fully understanding the impact that our national debt will have on our economy, and most importantly, on all of our American people, I would not support a bill that would have this consequential effect.” Earlier this month. (Apparently the defense budget gets a pass since Manchin voted for a plow It is estimated at $ 9.1 trillion During his time in the Senate.)

This is not to say that the military has a record of failing investments in those billions or anything else (Cough, F-35, Cough)

“The United States can do a lot to help this global problem, but it can’t do it alone,” Hicks said in his CNN interview.

This is very true. But there is a real risk in allowing the military to direct US priorities, especially on climate change. Already the country It costs more to strengthen the border Rather than climate aid, a move that claims to be a sewing kit is like bringing a hammer to solve a problem.

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