Domino starts distributing autonomous pizza

If you order pizza from Dominos in Houston, a robot can remove your dinner. The agency will begin autonomous distribution with their assistance this week Nuro’s R2 robotAbout two years later Project announcement.

Dominos says R2 is the first self-driving, on-road delivery vehicle Control approved From the Department of Transportation. On certain days and times, people who order from Domino’s location in Woodland Heights can choose which R2 can deliver their food. They can Track the location of R2 Via text alerts or on the order confirmation page. Domino will provide customers with a PIN, which they can tap into the R2’s touchscreen to retrieve their orders.

Dennis Maloney, Domino’s Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, In a statement The company still needs to learn about autonomous distribution space. “This program allows us to better understand how our customers respond to deliveries, how they interact with robots, and how it affects store operations.”

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