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Even after months of threats Disrupt social media A bespoke platform that allows him to bypass community guidelines (and an embarrassingly long list of banned platforms from above), our big patriot boy has finally done well on his promise. Folks The wait is over – The future is now, and this is a blog.

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump launched his long-awaited social media platform, which, if you really look at it, is similar to the initial version of this type of Twitter, if Twitter was designed to be a victim of day-global wildfires in Palm Beach, Florida. In the title “From Donald J. Trump’s desk,” The “feed” is inadvertently smashed to pieces in one corner of Trump’s website, a classic commentary that we all know and love – who really cared about the regime or how his sensitive remarks were compared to his remarks. Man, you know.

“Happy Easter to all, including the radical left crazy who rigged our presidential election, and want to destroy our country!” Read a post.

“It’s great to see Rino Mitt Romney come out of the stage at the Una Republican State Convention,” the other read. “They’re one of the first to find this boy, a rock-cold loser!”

Although the platform had just been launched, posts had already been published in early March, indicating the existence of a universe where developers could easily “forget” to add this thing to the Internet and leave it forever off to keep Trump’s content off. Time becomes directly invalid.

The platform also has the option to share Trump’s comments on Twitter and Facebook – as these two writings, the former president was still banned. Significantly, the launch of the platform is expected to be decided by the Facebook Oversight Board on whether to return Trump to Facebook and its affiliates, including Instagram.

Trump’s popular ranking-election harsh election remarks were banned from hosting a platform in January, sparking an angry mob protesting the U.S. capital and eventually killing five people.

According to Fox News, the page is the work of Campaign Nucleus, a “digital ecosystem designed to efficiently manage political campaigns and organizations”, directed by Brad Parskell, Trump’s former publicity manager.

The moral of the story is clear: you can take Twitter out of the presidency, but you can’t take the tweet with the poster. Or something like that.

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