Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

MC: Excellent. What is it all about? The wheel of time.

AS: It will be a while. This is another “one” story. As the world is coming to an end, there is a friend who has been reborn and we have to find him, we are going to get him. So I’ve summarized all 14 books for you, Like It, I’m kidding. So that’s the general essence. I’m sure there are some commenters who want to clarify these points, but that’s basically all, there are a lot of costumes and things.

MC: When is the Amazon series coming out? How much time do I have? Because it takes me about eight years to read a book.

AS: So it’s going to be available on November 19, and a lot of people are really very excited about it.

MC: It’s almost not enough time. It should have told me in January.

AS: I’m sorry, I didn’t keep you close to things.

MC: All right. The wheel of the book of time.

AS: Rosamund Pike in the trailer! She looks amazing. It’s going to be awesome.

MC: The Wheel of Time Book. Thanks for that. Reading list assignment. Lauren, what is your recommendation?

AS: All 14. I will settle for something less.

MC: Lauren, what is your recommendation?

LG: My recommendation is, I guess it’s not as fun as Adrian’s but it’s still pretty good. It is Lincoln

MC: Yes, what could be more fun than reading 14 books a week?

LG: I recommend Lincoln Small series I’m a little behind in this. It was first aired on CNN this past winter, in the winter of 2021. It is now available on HBO Max. Everything is in HBO Max, man, I love HBO Max. Isn’t it funny to think, a little side note here, a little touching if you want, to think about how HBO Max changed its name a while ago, we were all just like that, what are they doing? That’s terrible, what happened? And now it’s Max. And does HBO mean? What is it? And then the app interface is really still pretty awesome. If you are trying to watch HBO Max on iPad, good luck with that.

But they have all the good things now, all the series Inheritance And movies Hill, And anyway. So now I have been observing this Lincoln Miniseries, a six-episode series about President Abraham Lincoln. It’s very good; This is Sterling K. Described by Brown. This is something that has never been seen before. There is a little কী what is it called? Historical rearrangement, where you vaguely see actors, such as a tall, dark-haired man in the background who is supposed to be Lincoln. But many historians contribute to it as the main one to speak of and it is quite interesting.

And that’s really, I think, how do I say it, in our modern society I think we get a little obsessed with putting people in the hero or villain category and actually the most high-profile or extremely successful or powerful. People are a little more short and complex than that. And I think Lincoln certainly falls into that category, and it reconsiders the kind of idea that I think people believed he was a hardcore abolitionist and it was actually a little more complicated than that. So I’m only in three episodes, but I really like it so far and I’m probably going to see the whole thing. So I recommend visiting Lincoln Short series on HBO Max.

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