Driving digital transformation for medical tech companies

Medical technology and pharmaceutical companies are also shifting beyond biopharmaceuticals, treatment devices and equipment to provide comprehensive patient care. The key is to provide and manage practical, predictable and personalized care that is sustainable. These include enabling better outcomes, improving patient and clinician experience on the path to care, reducing health-care costs, eliminating inefficiencies in the workflow, and maximizing capacity integration.

As a bid for relevance and distinction, many treatment technologies and pharma companies have adopted digitization. Digitization is now seen as capable of this transformation as healthcare companies strive to raise standards for their customers and partners.

With the availability of digital tools and technology, the industry is accelerating the use of healthcare data to improve processes, develop products and increase quality offerings while viewing new monetization models.

Success with digital transformation

Medical technology companies have always had to choose where to invest their research-and-development resources: their core competencies and solutions to prioritize development or digital infrastructure and analytical skills. Although both are essential, all organizations do not have the funds to develop skills or both to develop skills in data management or analysis algorithms, or partnership ecosystems, profits, collaborations, co-creation and risk sharing. Furthermore, these organizations may not have experience in establishing administration and compliance structures for the use of clinical data in compliance with the regulations.

Planning and resources are needed to develop and maintain a digital ecosystem in order to realize the multiple benefits of data, analysis and collaboration of appropriate partners, in addition to specific internal competencies. The platforms offer a cloud-based ecosystem for secure access and data sharing between multiple stakeholders, enabled by digital tools and applications while collaborating with like-minded organizations.

In this way, platform users as a service (PaaS) will be able to earn subscription-based data and cloud computing services without the hassle of building and maintaining infrastructure. It helps users access, develop and run applications, and integrate digital conversions using a single platform, reducing the use of the organization needed to run the transfer.

Max Mills, Senior Partner and Senior Vice President at Siemens Advanta Consulting, said, “The data is in silos and to optimize clinical pathways, all stakeholders need to work together through co-creation and co-opting.” “In other words, data needs to be accessed, processed, stored, analyzed, and shared securely and faithfully in order to be useful to different stakeholders. PaaS is one of the most capable of this integrated driving. Medical technology companies can accelerate their digital transformation efforts through the convenience of first-mile connections to a hospital ecosystem and last-minute access to data provided by the Teple Digital Health platform. “

Medical technology needs a specific platform

Most healthcare data management uses are industry-specific with imaging, pathology and clinical data access requirements. Considering a platform has domain specifications with storeholders and it would be beneficial to collaborate with one that is equipped and managed by another experienced medical technology company.

A platform related to medical technology provides vertical domain expertise and offers value by allowing partners to focus on developing key solutions from a market access and connectivity perspective, access to relevant data, experience of specific applications and protection and regulatory compliance requirements for that sector. Using a treatment technology, PaaS provides flexibility for medical equipment and device companies to constantly adapt to evolving market demand, achieving the flexibility of investing in time and resources guided by a valued partner with objective and platform fit experience.

In a competitive market, medical technology companies need to focus on accelerated product development while partnering with the best Paa suppliers to help them realize their overall digital transformation goals.

“Most medical technology companies have a strong product presence,” explained Thomas Freis, senior vice president of digital platforms at Siemens Healthcare. “However, all they need is to transform it into a sustainable service model.”

And it doesn’t have to go alone. “Co-treatment is gaining a reputation in medical technology and pharma and all stakeholders can only benefit through integration. PASS will become very relevant in this context, as well as its domain-specific skills and digital conversion capabilities, giving Tempel a unique position on the Digital Health Platform. ”

A Proven and loyal PaaS platform: teamplay

An organization with extensive experience in imaging and diagnostics can create a platform that combines a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic core and specialized digital offers and systematically expands it across multiple functionalities.

A number of uses can be used as technology development templates, enabling partners to achieve objectives. Template treatment serves as the technology skin for technology companies, providing first mile connections and last mile access.

As a treatment technology-specific platform provider, Siemens Healththaners provides vertical domain expertise and industry expertise, apart from the horizontal platform capabilities provided by leading IT companies. The subscription model helps users spread the investment over time and generate higher returns for partners with a starting point. Overall, Siemens Healthcare has its clear vision where it fits with partners and increases the time and effort for partners with ease of use while reducing fits

Partnership facilitates digital transformation

The advantages of partnering in creating PaaS are obvious: it is a more strategic and long-term option with opportunities for collaboration, collaboration and risk sharing. Compared to platform creation, partnerships provide scalability through time, resource and investment optimization. While creating a platform with a public cloud service provider, medical technology companies can still arrange for hospital access networking with devices and integration of devices and healthcare with the IT ecosystem.

PaaS partners with treatment technology, but offers expertise in access and connectivity and in achieving platform capabilities by driving new products, applications and vendors.

Medical technology companies must choose a partner whose vision, breadth and services will be integrated with the overall digital transformation effort. Partnering with Siemens Healthcare enables access to a tried and tested platform that acts as a loyal, secure and technology accelerator. This provides the possibility to focus on key skills while collaborating to explore more new and adjoining opportunities.

The Template Digital Health Platform connects and integrates data from a variety of sources across different departments and organizations across vendor, system- and device-neutral platforms. It provides scalable deployment models with hybrid computing, combining cloud and on-edge deployments to serve specific uses. Access to AI and digital health innovations and solutions from Siemens HealthHiners and its Secret Partner Network is open to support collaborations with partners and partners that enable risk-sharing models. It allows the deployment and management of applications and algorithms worldwide by gaining access to secure platform infrastructure.

Most importantly, with Siemens healthcare providers, medical technology companies have the opportunity to partner with a platform that is constantly evolving and provides clinical credibility and business relevance.

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