Ducati moves away from electric motorcycle production plans

Later Guys in 2019 On electric motorcycles it’s “not too far to start production”, Ducati is making a U-turn on those plans – at least for now. “Are we going to produce an electric Ducati soon? No. We think that the kind of machine we make now can’t guarantee the pleasure, range, weight, etc. of electric motorcycles that Ducati drivers expect,” said Ducati VP of Sales Francesco Militia. Said MCN.

Now, Ducati is exploring electric fuels as a zero-emission alternative, borrowing the concept Porsche (Two companies owned by Volkswagen AG). “We are also looking at other solutions for synthetic fuels such as zero or minimal emissions. Other brands in our group such as Porsche “We’re seeing it in the medium term and it’s something like that,” Militia said.

E-motorcycles are still more expensive than petrol-powered bikes, but performance is comparable and the range is closer to some models, such as Electronic Report. Synthetic fuels, meanwhile, are in most cases experimental and not widely available. Also, EFUEL vehicles are and are not completely pollution free Extremely incompetent Compared to battery-electric vehicles.

Ducati may have hit the electric motorbike off the road, but it hasn’t let them down yet. “We’re thinking and working on electronics,” Militia said. “We are part of a group that is moving towards rapid electrification and this is a good opportunity for Ducati.

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