Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Transplanar Title Car

Here it is! The last AP I’m recommending, and the one that’s been around the longest, having started in June of 2020. There are tons of episodes, but Transplant has a handy recap guide that makes it easy to drop into the game at any season. The current DM, Connie Chang, is becoming a big name in the indie TTRPG scene, and this all-transgender, POC-led livestream is set in a homebrew non-colonial, anti-orientalist world based on AAPI mythologies. It’s fantastic, and it’s less than halfway through its fifth season, which means you have plenty of content to catch up on. Transplant streams on Saturdays at 7 pm CT on Twitchand podcast episodes drop on Tuesdays via Spotify and Apple Podcastsmaking it easy to tune in whenever you have time.

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