EA will return to golf games with the new PGA Tour title

EA’s efforts Revive old sports franchises Now the golf stretches. There are publishers Announcement EA Sports PGA Tour, Its “next-gen” revival PGA Tour A few details are available in the early stages of suffrage, but EA Tiburan (which was created) Tiger Woods PGA Tour And works Madden NFL) The project is helming. No wonder, it will be powered by the internal Frostbite game engine and will focus on recovering real course and tournament.

More information will appear in the coming weeks, EA said, although you’ll have to wait a while for the release date in the “coming months”.

This is a logical step for the company. The gaming giant was giving way to 2K PGA Tour The series goes unchallenged and so does the rival publisher A Tiger Woods deal landing. It provides at least some kind of answer. We would also like to add that it also diversifies the lineup of EA sports games at times when it may be necessary. Especially the latest flagship sports title Madden NFL 21, Got a Low-stellar response. A wide pool of sports, including golf and college football, can help soften EA’s bad years, not to mention reaching out to a relatively unnecessary audience.

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