Sat. May 28th, 2022

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Spring Statement: what’s in it for investors and householders?

  • Explain why student loan repayments could raise £ 11bn in 2022-23, nearly double the £ 6bn handed out by the chancellor in lifting the national insurance thresholds

  • More over-55s may dip into their pensions to keep their finances afloat. Explain why this is expected to generate a £ 1.7bn tax haul for the Treasury

  • In 2022, the state pension is increasing by 3.1 per cent. Given the current surge in inflation, analyze the implications for the approximately 12mn people in receipt of the state pension

  • ‘A big fiscal giveaway would throw fuel on inflationary fire,’ says Guy Foster, chief strategist at wealth manager Brewin Dolphin. Using a chart (s), analyze the effects of a big fiscal giveaway on inflation

Gavin Clarke, Emmanuel College

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