Thu. May 19th, 2022

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  • Price mechanism, demand and supply, price elasticity of supply, price elasticity of demand

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US farmers’ hands are tied as world braced for wheat shortfall

  • ‘Blunting the economic incentives offered by Chicago wheat prices that this month reached $ 13.40 a bushel, an all-time high.’ With reference to resource allocation, explain how price acts as a signal

  • Explain why all-time high wheat prices are not encouraging farmers to increase their acreage

  • ‘Russia’s attack on Ukraine has disrupted wheat exports from both countries, raising fears of food shortages in import-dependent nations.’ Using a demand and supply diagram, analyze the impact on the price of wheat

  • Compare the outputs of the top 5 global wheat and meslin producers

  • ‘The global grain market typically responds to shortages in one part of the world by tapping other regions that have a surplus.’ Using a chart, analyze the market’s typical response to a shortage

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