Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Known as the robotic artist Ai-da His artwork was due to be displayed next to Egypt’s Great Pyramid on Thursday, although the event was almost closed after the robot and its human sculptor Eden Mela were detained for a week and a half until they could confirm the artist was actually a spy.

The incident began when border guards objected to I-Da’s camera eye, which he said in his creative process and using his on-board modem. “I can tear up the modem, but I can’t really get his eyes out,” Meler said Guardian. The robot artist, which was built in 2019, usually travels with special cargo cases and was kept at the border until customs clearance on Wednesday evening, just hours before the exhibition begins.

“The British ambassador has been working overnight to secure I-Da’s release, but we are now on the wire,” said Meller, just before I-da Robo was released from prison. “It’s really stressful.”

I-Da is scheduled to take part Forever now The exhibition, which runs through November and features a number of top works by Egyptian and international artists, is being presented by Art D’Gipt in conjunction with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“He’s an artist robot, let’s be really clear about this. He is not a spy, “announced the fair.” People are afraid of robots, I understand that. But because of the irony of the whole situation, Ai-Da’s goal was to highlight and warn about the misuse of technological advances, and he was detained because he was technology. I-da would appreciate that embarrassment, I think. “

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