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Health updates

Rehabilitation PT

Kaia Health

This app is aimed at those with muscular skeletal problems – from shin splints to bad back or knee pain – this app uses AI-assisted motion detection technology to assess movement. Kaia’s camera-coupled AI motion trainer diagnoses the problem and designs a 10-25 minute daily program of rehabilitation exercises, which provides real-time audio feedback to ensure you do the exercises correctly. Golf professor Rory McIlroy is an investor. POA,

Air quality

AirPop Halo Sensor

AirPop Halo Sensor, £ 149.99
AirPop Halo Sensor, £ 149.99

The AirPop mask developed a pre-pandemic after co-founder Chris Hosmer discovered his two-year-old and newborn baby were suffering from acute respiratory illnesses, and it features a feature of his ability to block both virus particles and contamination. A new dome-shaped iteration with an app-connected Halo Sensor now monitors the levels of pollution you encounter (to avoid the more smoggy places), your breathing rate and how many particles it has removed from your breathing. £ 149.99,


Kry Harley

Get Harley from £ 30 for a 30 minute consultation

Most of your daily dermatological problems can be dealt with virtually here. Upload images of your face, and the skin porter will tailor your needs to beauty and medical specialists you would otherwise wait months to see in the clinic, for example the super-face specialist Nicola Joss and the celebrated oculoplastic surgeon. Dr Maryam Zamani. Thirty-minute consultations determine a skin regimen, which contains only prescription products – from a range of brands such as NeoStrata and Skinbetter Science – and let them ride you within 48 hours. Smooth and stylish, it’s a bit like Just a porter for cosmeceuticals. £ 30 for a 30-minute consultation plus the cost of products,


Abbott Libre Sense Biosensor

Abbott Libre Sense, from € 65
Abbott Libre Sense, from € 65

The possibilities of this top-sized bottle biosensor – which sits on the back of the arm and painlessly reads glucose levels from the interstitial fluid under the skin – feel limitless, but for now it focuses on competitive sports. “People confuse lack of fitness with a lack of fuel,” says Todd Furneaux, co-founder of the Supersapiens app that collects data from the biosensor and uses it to provide insight into nutritional strategies (such as what to eat when) to achieve the best performance. € 65 for an appetizer,



Natalia Vodianova x Zenia

Natalia Vodianova x Zenia

The disadvantage of home yoga is the lack of correcting the posture. Zenia – supported by the supermodel who became a technical investor Natalia Vodianova – try to fix it using AI motion detection technology on your camera’s camera. Beginners can choose simple ranges, and there is live audio feedback on how to adjust your postures. More experienced yogis can follow classes, and will transmit lights on the screen as well as sounds if your form is good or needs attention. $ 9.99 per month,

Health and aging


For those interested in the quantified self, there is a lot of data you need to find out. Mankind combines a range of available data (such as sleep, heart rate, running rate, glucose fluctuations) to calculate your aging rate – and advises on the most effective interventions to slow it down (for example, exchange your HIIT sessions for endurance, or sooner / later eat at night). In the most basic way, it collects biomarkers via your phone and compares them to a mass of biobank data. In September, it will begin looking at the impact of nutritional changes, as well as introducing more specific personalized clues. Basic membership free, Premium £ 29.99 per year,



Renude, membership £ 20 per term
Renude, membership £ 20 per term

This app uses a computer-skin diagnostic algorithm to evaluate photos of your complexion, and combines it with a second algorithm to recommend the best skin care products from an expert version of brands, including those by the award-winning vegan label. Harbor holder and K-beauty brand By Wishtrend. The AI ​​is linked to an interview with an in-house skin specialist, and membership includes a quarterly enrollment with expert and algorithm – redeemable on purchases. Membership £ 20 per quarter,



Nurvv insoles, £ 250
Nurvv insoles, £ 250

Jonathan Margolis suggested us to Nurvv Run’s smart insoles late last year. They capture metrics on everything from your speed to step length, cadence and pronation, and use this data to adjust live coaching for your next run. Now the brand has launched a Footstrike Coach program that uses your data to prescribe strength training exercises, and a plan to re-adjust your running style over time with live coaching. £ 250,

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