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Albert Einstein, pointing his finger.

The infamous smart man Albert Einstein at a press conference in 1950.
Pictures: Keystone (Getty Images)

A manuscript of Albert Einstein’s calculations Sold at auction Yesterday at 14.98 million (13.38 million euros). The famous physicist and his longtime friend and collaborator, the Swiss engineer Michel Besso, wrote papers in 1913 and 1914.

The manuscript contains 54 pages of counting; 26 pages of Einstein, 25 pages of Bessore and three pages of both of them. Besso and Einstein met at a concert 10 years ago; They were quick friends. According to Christie, the auctioneer, Einstein helped Beso get a job at the patent office where he famously worked in 1904, and Beso helped Einstein to his work in 1905, four groundbreaking papers dealing with a number of physical phenomena, including mass. Equilibrium of energy (which you probably know as the source of E = mc ^ 2).

Draw bars horizontally for neat and tidy, individual calculations on Einstein’s penmanship paper. It also has some personality; The bits of the manuscript are crossed and torn. According to ABC News, In a place where an equation accurately describes the relativity of rotational speed, Einstein scrolled “Steam!” (“It works!”) The full pattern, which was purchased anonymously over the phone, can be seen Here.

The page of Einstein's manuscript.

Several pages from the Einstein-Besso manuscript.
Pictures: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2021

Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics a century ago this year, and paid the price. Because his and Bessor’s math shows that we are still fascinated by respected scientists. Einstein’s work paved the way for modern astrophysical discoveries, e.g. 2015 Gravitational wave detection, which Einstein predicted.

Since Einstein had attained the status of cult during his lifetime, manuscripts like this have been preserved. Maybe that’s why we Was able to read one Pre-published Massive about bees By physicists this year.

Something Although the recently auctioned calculation was wrong. Einstein incorrectly referred to the mass of the sun in one place, an error which is borne out by some other calculations in the manuscript. Although the figure was later recalculated, some work remained due to errors.

Perhaps it makes the manuscript Even worthy, Although I.This is a proof of the great difficulty of the work. A Eureka moment in physics is right The Visible Fireworks that originate from the diligent Its effort Pyrotechnics.

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