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Elon Musk asked Twitter for an image for the headline article if he sold his Tesla stock to pay 10% tax.  Twitter voted yes

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a well-known Addicted to Twitter, Thought it would be a great idea to let the people on the platform decide whether to pay taxes, so he Did a poll. Asked if he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock, Musk said he was ready to honor the outcome of the vote, “the way it goes.” Twitter voted “yes”.

Tech Magnet began voting on Saturday in light of the recent legislature Proposal to tax unrealistic profits বিদ্যমান or existing profits Only on paper Not that The investment became real Sold-, Which some have said Allow billionaires to avoid paying taxes. For the context, Musk explains that he only receives payments from his stock company and does not receive cash salaries or bonuses. Therefore, He said“The only way to pay taxes personally is to sell the stock.”

Musk owns more than 17% of Tesla stock, valued at more than 200 billion, The Wall Street Journal. Currently 10% of it is being sold The price would amount to about $ 21 billion.

“Lately a lot of unrealistic profits have been made as a way to avoid taxes, so I’m proposing to sell 10% of my Tesla stock,” Musk wrote. Tweet With his vote, he added: “I will abide by the results of this vote, no matter what.”

A total of 3.5 million people voted for the mask poll, of which 57.9% said it should be sold and 42.1% said it should not.

Although since the vote ended, Twitterverse has not been heard much More from Musk on this topic. A The answer A tweet asked if the poll was the way he wanted it to be, Musk says he is ready to accept both results.

Last month, Musk criticized a proposal by Oregon Democrat Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden. To tax unrealistic profits on publicly traded assets, he says (On Twitter) That proposal will eventually reach less wealthy taxpayers because “[e]Eventually, they run out of other people’s money and then they come for you. “

For what it’s worth, Wyden’s proposal Was evicted As soon as it was launched, but it gave rise to an important controversy, one decided to go into the mask.

Although Musk has billed it as a way for people to decide what they do with their money, CNBC points out That would probably have sold Tesla executive stock even if Twitter hadn’t told him to pull a palpatine. Do it.

It is for this reason that musk is an encounter Billion-dollar tax bill on 22.8 million shares that were paid to him in 2012 as a stock option. In order to use the options, Mask will have to pay income tax on the shares they have earned at their current price, which comes out for profit. About 28 28 billion. That is what CNBC reported Due to the combined state and federal tax rate of 54.1%, Tesla CEO Stands Pay $ 15 billion.

Musk announced in September that he would sell some of his options in the fourth quarter of this year as their term is coming to an end. The CEO of Tesla doesn’t usually sell his existing stock, but he has Do so To pay taxes on its stock options in the past.

Mask’s poll and its results have created a lot to talk about on Twitter. Poll has even garnered a response from Wyden.

“Whether the richest person in the world pays any taxes at all does not depend on the results of the Twitter poll. Now is the time for billionaires’ income tax, ”the senator said Tweets.

Putting all this in perspective, a Report This past summer it was revealed that Mask paid $ 0 as income tax in 2018. So yes, the amount of income tax he pays is a small step for humanity.

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