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Former Trump advisers Steve Bannon, Mask, and former President Trump spoke at the White House Policy and Strategy Forum in February 2011.

Former Trump advisers Steve Bannon, Mask, and former President Trump spoke at the White House Policy and Strategy Forum in February 2011.
Pictures: Brendan Smilowski / AFP (Getty Images)

Elon Musk is clearly looking forward to the days of Halsion when there was a president of the United States who really was Got it His. Did you know that the kind of business-minded Big Wig is not afraid to tell the AFL-CIO? To be sure, it is No. An apt description of our present potash, with which the musk seems to have come out of some step.

Yes, not long after Accidentally dissing On Twitter, President Biden, CEO of Tesla, did it again – this time during an interview Code Conference In Beverly Hills, California, where he complained that the new administration was “biased” against his company and that it was (* pant *) controlled by the union.

Kasturi seems to be wounded after not being invited to the recent White House Top on electric cars. Biden on 5 August Meeting Ford and General Motors, as well as newly formed automakers Stellantis, But significantly failed to send an RSVP to Tesla, although the company reported The highest amount of EV On the planet.

Contextually, it basically has Explained Mask was hijacked because of his company’s sophisticated anti-labor stance. In fact, when Tesla is not the CEO To close The union is being organized within his ranks, he has seen trying Make excuses Why company workers are injured so often, or, perhaps, breaking labor laws By tweeting. THe has three other companies Was Invited to August EV The summit is “United Auto Workers’ largest employer,” said Jane Sackie, WH’s press secretary. Said, At that time.

When asked about Biden this week, Musk Sound off About the whole thing: “(They) didn’t mention Tesla once and praised GM and Ford for leading the EV revolution. Is it a little biased, Musk said at the California conference? “It seems to be controlled by the union, not a friendly administration.”

Yes, what a shame it is to have a president that isn’t exclusively worried about the opulent few and, gah, why can’t we just have an administration that hates organized labor and loves Elon Musk?

Actually, that sounds a whole lot like the last administration, a White House that everybody knows was a “ pro – Business, ” Anti-union, Plutocratic Mess was that dead set On sale Any part of the government that has not been erected. When asked at a code conference whether he wanted President Trump back, Musk’s answer was “no …”, which has no real details.

But, I don’t know. Since the two millionaires are accustomed to dealing with their employees Like Shit, You would think there would be a good amount of similarity between former President Trump and Elon. In a very short time, the two have been seen hanging out a lot in the last four years, right after Trump’s 201-win victory, when Musk went to Washington DC to join. A meeting Among the biggest names in the then President-elect and technology, after which he will be Employed Several WH Business Advisory Councils. He will meet with Trump Again, And Again, And, by 2020, the two millionaires were increasingly keeping an eye on, Politico noting That there were “many similarities” between the two men.

Trump also had nothing nice to say about the mask, praising Tesla’s CEO’s work on SpaceX, referring to “he does well on the rocket” and comparing him to Thomas Edison. According to Trump, Elon is: “One of our very smart people,” “one of our greatest talents.” In fact, he All this said:

“You know, we have to protect Thomas Edison and we have to protect all these people who originally brought light bulbs and wheels and all these things. And he’s one of our very smart people and we want to nurture those people …”

Ah, yes. Classic 2020 Presidential Statement. I’m almost missing. But Elon doesn’t seem to miss as much.

Suffice it to say, there doesn’t seem to be the same spark between musk and biden – probably because biden has a little passion for organized labor and doesn’t have to spend hours on end wondering how great the mask is. Maybe okay.

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