Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Elon Musk doesn’t like Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin, and he just made it very clear. CNET Report That mask said Code Bezos at the conference should try harder to “get into orbit than to sue,” and you can’t “sue on the way to the moon” because Blue Origin complained when Lunar Lander has lost value. He was less flattering than the Virgin Galactic, he described The first passenger plane And Blue Origin as “a step in the direction of orbit” which fell short SpaceX’s efforts.

When musk Known as harsh, In this case he may have some support. Edge There is Received NASA’s legal documents show that the space agency considered Blue Origin a “gamble” with its original proposed $ 5.9 billion lunar lander. Bezos’ company complained that it had set a much higher price than needed because it expected NASA to award the contract and negotiate at a lower cost. Blue Origin also speculated that NASA would receive the full funding from Congress for that initial cost, even as the Senate made it clear that NASA would not receive the required amount.

You know what happened next. Instead of hugging the price, NASA has chosen 9 2.9 billion SpaceX bid. Blue origin Challenges rewards And even made one The last groove offers $ 2 billion, But then it’s too late. Government Accountability Office Blue has rejected Origin’s claimSaying that, NASA did not violate the rules of selecting SpaceX. Bezos’ suit took NASA to court about two weeks later.

Blue Origin VP Megan Mitchell said in an interview Edge The agency has rejected NASA’s opinion. He felt that Blue Origin had made a “great offer” and did not agree with NASA’s gambling characterization. The GAO separately stated that NASA had partially violated its security review requirements for the proposal, although it was still in favor of SpaceX because Blue Origin did not explain how the move provided an unfair edge.

This does not mean that Mask and SpaceX are innocent. SpaceX has sued the United States For example, in 2019 after losing the Air Force rocket contract to Blue Origin and other competitors. It’s just that talking about the garbage of the mask seems to carry some weight in this modern moon race.

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