Elon Musk skillfully sends the tweet raising the price of Dezeken

Dogecoin Price Spike again depicts the article in the title because this person will not stop tweeting Don’t stop tweeting

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I’m starting to get whiplash from this roller coaster ride which is the standard of dogcoin in recent days. It grew on the hype of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Live Saturday night Debut Last weekend, however, he called the meme-inspired cryptocurrency a “hut” only a few days later when SpaceX pledged to accept a deferred purchase using Bitcoin, citing environmental concerns.

Well, people whip, because Dozifader Its price is still rising Again With the following on Thursday evening Tweets:

“Working with Days Davis to improve system transaction efficiency. Potentially committed.”

Now, Kasturi is an internet troll with a history of using Twitter to market a share On a tailspin For For the punchlineSo, no one guesses whether he is serious. About an hour later, he posted Another tweet Share a bit of old knowledge from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Millions of his followers: Don’t panic! This It seems It’s just to suggest that it could be a prank, but really, who knows. (We reached out to Tesla for clarity, but have been pretty quiet since the company’s public relations department was disbanded by confession. Last October).

The joke or not, though, is that the impact it had on the price of dogcoin was pretty much real. Accordingly, following Kastur’s tweet, Dogecoin’s value exceeded 18% Coinbase, And Trading view Reported that its market cap increased by 10 billion. The buzz has subsided somewhat since then, but the value of daisies is still about 11% higher than yesterday.

On Wednesday, Musk announced (also) Via tweet) That Tesla will no longer accept vehicle payments on Bitcoin is probably out of concern as a cause for concern with “the rapidly growing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions.” In the meantime, he said, Tesla will continue to look for more energy-efficient cryptocurrencies. And while this is an admirable goal, the fact that musk is justifiable Now Recognition How insane The carbon footprint of crypto mining makes Tesla’s new concern more like moving PR than anything else.

On monday SpaceX has agreed To secure its place for an 88-pound satellite in a space mission scheduled for 2022, Dogekine will have to receive a fully inclusive payment from Canada-based Geometric Energy Corporation. The price of dozcoin Somewhat rebounding after them About one-third be tanked by the following Musk SNL Appearance price In the days that followed, it was extremely volatile (even a cryptocurrency). But whether Kastur’s tweets are serious or not, their command about stock prices is Andeniable, so I think Dagfadar is somehow getting the last smile.

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