Eminem, Canaan O’Brien, Megan Rapino

Emma Frost appeared on the cover of Maradder # 21.

As soon as Ever Frost appeared on the cover Murderer # 21.
Screenshot: Russell Duterman, Matthew Wilson / Marvel

The The X-Men’s upcoming Hellfire Gala Both are extravagant celebrations of Krakow Climbing new speeds in the world, And a brave Statement to humanity Mutants that come in peace are not disturbed. At least that was the hassle of making the marble event that could have been so easily achieved, which would start towards the end of this summer. But a new look can scratch your head.

X-Men’s high fashion gallery outfits have defined the most recent era in the history of all matches, and seeing a level of grandiosity around the world, it seems the show is going to be a highly exclusive affair. But Surprise The Helpfire Gala recently announced a list of real-world celebrities intended to create camos at the gala event that sounded like Marvel announcing in a comic universe promotional stunt bit Marvel as the publisher of the gala, It will go down in history for its dazzling twists, incredible mutant fashion appearances and dazzling appearances as heroes and celebrities. ” WHO, Can you ask W.All, It will feature Eminem, Canaan O’Brien, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapino, Ira Glass and Pete Alonso. Something more will surely come.

A teaser of who might appear at the Hellfire Gala.

A teaWhoever appears in the gala of hell is wrong.
Fig: Surprise

The idea that Emma Frost will invite (or at least close the idea) Eminem, Megan Rapino, Ira Glass and other celebrities at the high-profile mutant rally … In this sense it fits his character Some may be short-sighted. From an optics point of view, it’s all the same choice of potential guests, Although celebrity camouflage has been fairly common in comic books for decades. But being able to show celebrities in famous books doesn’t mean they should, especially if their appearances can be distracted from important things at hand, such as their own custom modeling mutants.

For the record, here is a list of Helpfire Gala lessons:

  • Hell # 12 – Sales 6/2, written by Jeb Wells; Art by Stephen Segovia
  • Murderer # 21 – 6/2 on sale, writes Gary Duggan and Chris Claremont; The art of Matthew Loli and John Bolton
  • X-Force # 20 – 6/2 sale written by Benjamin Percy; By art Joshua Casara
  • X human # 21 – Sales 6/9, writes Jonathan Hickman; Art by Russell Duterman, Nick Dragota, Sarah Picheli and Lucas Warner
  • Exalibur # 21 – Sold 6/9, written by Tiny Howard; Art by Marx II
  • New mutants # 19 – 6/16 sales, writes Vita Aila; The art of Alex Linus
  • Planet-sized X-Men # 1 – Sale 6/16, written by Gary Duggan; Pep Larraj’s art
  • X-Corp # 2 – Sales 6/16, written by Tiny Howard; Composition by Alberto Foche
  • Sword # 6 – Sales 6/23, written by Al Ewing; Art by Valerio Schiti
  • Wolverine # 13 – 6/23 Sale by Benjamin Percy; Art Scott Eaton
  • X’s way # 3 – Sales 6/23, written by S. Spurrier; Art by Bob Quinn
  • X factor # 10 – Sales 6/30, written by Leah Williams; Art by David Baldeón

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