Encrypted messages are not like personal thoughts.

A state judge recently Ruled That Two of the men Those who planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan did not make terrorist threats because they used an encrypted chat application to do so.

Since federal agencies and lawmakers are trying to backdoor with encrypted commas Argument They are that The Desirable equipment for terrorists, We won’t blame you if your double-take gives you a whiplash. It is already disturbing that the charge of terrorism against people who do domestic terrorist things like planning and coordinating has been dropped. Attack Capital, Blow up a bridge to stop the police, Murder law enforcement which went the way Abduct the Governor of the United States, And the murder governor says. But hang on.

When we tell you that the reason for not prosecuting the kidnappers is “for the threat of terrorism,” Judge Michael Claren of the Twelfth District Court said that using encrypted commas is a personal thought.

“Group conversations took place in encrypted chats after new members were introduced via a medium like Facebook.” Report Detroit News. More:

“There has to be some purpose here to provoke Miami,” Claren said.

Claren added that an encrypted communication network, not accessible to the general public, “in many cases it was no different than thinking to yourself.”

Some complaints still stand; They will face charges of “militant membership, possession of militant firearms and providing legitimate support for terrorist activities, but not for making terrorist threats.” So, there is a terrorism-scented charge. Yet it doesn’t just add that it doesn’t stand out because … encryption.

See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil

Originally, Judge Claren did not think that the encrypted COMS had met the law to plan terrorist behavior, to discuss terrorist planning because the threat was not visible to the public. If we follow this argument, the terrorists who coordinate Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or similar encrypted applications are only engaged in lazy music.

According to Testimony testimony Six people who planned to “violently overthrow the government, kidnap and harm the Michigan government” used an app On the wire.

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Designed for group planning, “Wire companies provide the strongest protection they can secure for communicating and sharing documents.” Engadget reached out to the cable to comment; The company had no statement at this time.

We need to think about how fast Judge Claren is going a lot of things. For one, encrypted communications are not telepathy. Even if a conversation in the telegram is only between two people, it is not at all like a thought in your head; This is a private house room with a closed door

“Under Michigan Act,” Engadget Report“If a person threatens to carry out a terrorist act and make a threat to another person, then a person is guilty of making a terrorist threat.”

We assume the charges were dropped as there were more than one person in the conversation. Even if you tell us that this cook is planning a big ‘ol on the wire with his fictional bald ag gall friend named a cottage, we won’t doubt you for a minute Then Argument Maybe Holds a drop of water.

Judge Ludite joined the fight against encryption

Worryingly, this is one of the many examples of judges, legislators and authorities making key, history- and life-changing decisions when they have absolutely no idea how modern communication technology works. It is reminiscent of a congressional hearing where Lindsay Graham Complaint Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, Missouri correspondent Billy Long on Snapchat’s “addiction” feature Ask What was “Facemash” was Jacques and Florida Senator Bill Nelson Ask How to stop seeing ads for chocolate.

So, if you plan a crime like kidnapping and killing the governor through encryption, all of a sudden it is not a terrorist threat or conspiracy? The FBI may agree.

How the group works to encrypt – which is “not your own idea – is the key part of the trial of the January capital rioters. Let’s hope these cases don’t come before Judge Clarin (and we’ll feel the same way about the FBI).” Complaint Details of the use of encrypted communications to conspire against “proud boy” leaders For group planning.

Judge Claren’s decision is whiplash-induced for a number of reasons. As well as new concerns about setting a precedent in the Capitol riots case, Clarin’s “personal thinking” decision is not uncommon in addressing our concerns. The fight against encryption. Federal and law enforcement Argument Against keeping encrypted contacts secure and intact The opposite Only what Claren has ruled.

FBI Director Christopher Y. testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday, March 2nd, March 22nd.  Jan January riots at Credital

Assistant Printing Press

According to the FBI, encrypted lows are a direct “loud” zone for terrorist plots. In early March, FBI Director Christopher Warr Said The House Homeland Security Committee was having a hard time intercepting domestic and foreign terrorists for reasons including “their frequent use of encrypted communications” on behalf of the FBI.

There is serious involvement here. In addition to allowing domestic terrorists to release hooks for use with certain types of applications. If Judge Claren’s Twelfth District Court decision sets a precedent for encrypted communication and plotting terrorists, it is a bad precedent.

If the judge does not wake up from an empty coma or come back from there SnapThere’s no excuse, even if Claren means that the hijackers’ encrypted chats are somehow untouchable or irrelevant, or if he meant that encrypted-protected messages are primarily personal thoughts because they can’t be guessed – no way, this statement is a big deal. Was created. And it could change the controversy if the appeal is upheld.

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