Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Police officers observe climate activists blocking the exit of the Berlin city highway A100 not far from the ICC with the slogan "Save food".  The mood of the blocked motorists is said to have been partly aggressive.  A video circulated on Twitter of shouting men trying to pull protesters off the road.  The activists are demanding a law against food waste and an agricultural turnaround to reduce greenhouse gases from agriculture.

Photo: Paul Zinken / picture alliance (Getty Images)

The food-saving law that Last Generation is advocating for includes mandating that large supermarket chains “Make available food that is still edible” instead of throwing it away. The group says The German government is not taking enough action to stop food waste, lower emissions, and protect future generations.

“By 2030, we will exceed 1.5 degrees (average rise in global temperatures). The government is not only breaking international law but committing a crime against humanity by deliberately heading for a world hotter by 2, 3, 4 degrees with billions dying of hunger, ”Carla Hindrichs, one of the Last Generation activists, said in a statement. provided to Reuters.

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