Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

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Good news! Your Eero routers will support Matter when it reaches 2022.
Pictures: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Ero Co-founder and CEO Nick Weaver has confirmed Edge Events The company’s WiFi routers will be ready for the smart home future.

Ero has been its recipient for a long time Thread Standard, which operates in a 2.4 GHz band and provides features like fake networking to connect and control smart home devices. Since the thread is one of the upcoming needs Matter smart home standard, Ero will upgrade its equipped routers to support Matter, including Bluetooth and WiFi Once it is available in 2022. Eero has confirmed Gizmodo That Ero Pro, Ero Beacon, Ero 6, And the Eero Pro 6 will support the Matter Standard above all threads once it is available.

Ero has long supported the thread protocol, but Weber says “I amIt looks different now. “

The thread has been around for years Has been used Across various connected devices, including Google Nest Hub Max, Belkin’s popular Wemo Smart Plug, and a number of lighting products from Nanolef, including Smart bulbs And light strip. (It has also been baked Homepod mini.) But the thread did not become great Smart Home Unifier Despite its perceived upsides, perhaps the reason is slow adoption. Over the past few years, it has failed to catch on like Jigby and Z-Wave.

Matter comes into the picture once all that is going to change. The new standard has all the support Key players, co Google, which last week Announcement It’s doubling down and working to help third-party smart home developers add Matter support to their gadgets, As well as Apple.

Ero’s parent company Amazon has also announced Support For the subject, though, the software development kit is built towards Alexa-compatible devices.

Weaver further mentioned at the event that Ero is considering the idea of ​​a cellular backup system for its Ero router. This is similar to how security measures are Like the Amazon ring Use cellular backup if home internet is gone and it can’t go back to base. If ero routers have a SIM backed up, it can help keep your smart home online so that your lights and fans can work even in network disruptions.

This is always good news when any other organization or device manufacturer comes up with support for something that can help us integrate connected ecosystems we create at home. But the fact remains that there is no worldwide launch date for Matter and these announcements benefit developers in their preparation. Rather than spending our money to launch a product lineup. Until the matter is officially rolled out, we will wait here.

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