Europe News has filed the first lawsuit for a passport for Cyprus investment

The action was taken against five individuals and four legal entities based on an investigation by an ad hoc committee.

Cyprus files first criminal case over controversial passport-investment scheme canceled last year after Al Jazeera corruption To reveal, Services in accordance with state law.

“The first criminal case relating to the naturalization of foreign investors and traders was filed in the Larnaca District Court,” a statement said on Friday.

The action has been taken against five individuals and four legal entities facing a total of 337 complaints based on the ad hoc committee’s investigation without disclosing their names.

The legal service said “sensitive details” would not be released due to the “importance” of the investigation.

‘Golden Passport’

Saijas dropped his so-called “Golden Passport” project last November when a documentary aired on Al Jazeera television showed reporters that a Chinese businessman had a criminal record as a fixer for a Cypriot passport.

Parliament Speaker Demetris Celeris and opposition politicians were secretly portrayed for trying to facilitate passports for fugitive investors.

They later resigned, although both insisted they were innocent of any wrongdoing.

Al Jazeera reported that the petitioner received several other criminal investigations, international sanctions and even imprisonment.

Nicosia has long faced pressure from Brussels to reform the plan, citing concerns that organized criminal groups could infiltrate the European Union.

Cyprus argued that the investment was urgent after the island’s economic downturn in 2013.

Thousands of documents

Nicosia has issued thousands of passports under the scheme, so that applicants can earn one in exchange for an investment of m 3m.

According to an independent investigation, about 51 percent of the 6,779 passports issued from 2007-20020 went to recipients who should not have qualified.

It states that there are requests for rubber-stamped citizenship without following proper procedures or proper background checks from the authorities.

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