Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

European governments have warned that their hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed by the Covid-19 case, as leaders struggle to regain control of the epidemic after a week-long blockade of the EU with a slow vaccine rollout and re-employment.

German health authorities on Friday warned that a third wave of coronavirus infections could be the worst, pushing intensive care units to a “breaking point”.

Lothar Willer, chief Robert Koch InstituteThe government agency leading the fight against the epidemic said it was impossible to stop the wave, but called on the public to reduce communication to prevent the spread of the disease.

“The forecast shows that if the arrangements are as they are now [new case] The number could reach 100,000 per day. . . He warned if this situation did not exist.

Health Minister Jens Spain said hospitals would be under severe pressure if the situation was not addressed. “If this continues unnecessarily, we run the risk of ending our healthcare system in April,” he said.

Polish Prime Minister Matuez Moravieski says his country’s hospitals are taking care of more Kovid-19 patients than at any time during the epidemic and were “one step away” from being unable to treat people properly. The health ministry said on Friday that there had been 3,535 new infections and 443 deaths in Poland in the previous 24 hours.

France’s intensive care unit is treating more than 4,700 people with Covid-19, the highest ever so far this year and close to the peak of the second wave in November. As many as 42,000 people tested positive for the virus in France on Friday, with another 87 deaths. About 7.2 million people have now received their first vaccine.

European governments are struggling to stem the tide of new infections driven by the spread of the more contagious and deadly B1.1..7 strain, as people become increasingly frustrated with chronovirus restrictions and the gradual vaccine rollout.

‘We run the risk of ending our healthcare system in April’: German Health Minister Jens Spain (right) with Lothar Willer, president of the Robert Koch Institute, at a press conference on the latest outbreak of the carnavirus © Adam Berry / Pol / EPA-AFE / Shutterstock

German Chancellor Angela Merkel resigned this week A strict lockdown is planned for the Easter weekend A rare apology followed the public response. Emanuel Macron was criticized for rejecting it Take the blame for the increase in infection This year despite the rejection of scientific advisers who said that a more drastic lockdown was urgent.

With the epidemic threatening to spiral out of control, EU leaders were beaten in AstraZeneca for running their vaccination campaign after failing to deliver on the promised dose. On Thursday night they spent most of their time at a video summit Arguing among themselves About how to share advanced delivery of 10m Bioentech / Pfizer jabs

After European Union leaders also expressed their temporary support for stricter restrictions on vaccine exports, the European Commission said a total of 77m million doses were exported outside the block and 8m doses were delivered to members. About 21 million doses were sent to the UK, EU officials said. The capitals of the European Union are angry that no vaccine has come from the UK instead.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Friday accused pharmaceutical companies of selling more vaccines than they could supply. “Some of the companies – I won’t name any – have expressed the idea that things have been sold two or three times,” he said.

Hopes were raised on Friday that AstraZeneca might be able to create some shortages of supply later A contractor from the Netherlands The European Medicines Agency has approached him to start delivering its answers to the European Union.

Despite being named a production site in an agreement between the pharmaceutical company and the European Commission in August, the Halix-operated plant has yet to deliver a single dose of AstraZeneca Covid-19 Jab to the EU.

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