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Iuropol Ordered to Purge Its Massive Trove of Private Citizen's Data

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Europol সরকারি a government body responsible for cracking down on organized crime and terrorism across the European Union for a long time Crosshair Advocates of privacy on the prudent use of civil surveillance. Now, it seems that some European authorities are beginning to feel the same way; European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Announcement On Monday, it instructed Europol to delete a large portion of the data compiled on EU citizens. Data freeFor-All of this has led many critics to accuse Europol of creating the Europal equivalent of the NSA’s offensive databases.

EDPS has given Europol a year to filter its database and delete any Intel of EU citizens that is not involved in any ongoing criminal investigation. While Europol will be able to continue processing human personal data as part of the progress of the investigation, data that is not related to criminals now needs to be deleted after six months instead of being detained indefinitely. According to a New Guardian Report Published on the day EDPS was announced, Europol was on the rise Four petabytes Data on people living across the European Union over the last few years.

“Europol has not complied with EDPS’s requests to define an appropriate data retention period for filtering personal data approved for analysis under Europol regulations,” EDPS said in a statement on Monday. “This means that Europol held this data longer than necessary, contrary to the policy of data minimization and storage restriction, included in the Europol regulation.”

Europol’s database is compiled from one Many sources A. Law enforcement agencies across the European Union and (surprisingly!) The European Parliament, Which is a recent creation of green-light Huge biometric database Fingerprints, collected from facial scans, And travel documents processed at border checkpoints. And of course, there is a network Private industry partners Feeds their data into Europol’s system to assist in regular investigations.

EDPS, which acts as a watchdog group to keep track of EU authorities’ data practices, has been in the case of Europol for some time. For the past Three years, The group is investigating the treatment of sensitive data from Europol. In 2019, the agency first noticed that huge datasets regularly shared with Europol were not being tested to make sure they contained data on criminals as opposed to innocent civilians. One year later, EDPS Called publicly Europol wants to continue processing the data of this innocent group, although doing so could wrongly link these individuals to criminal activity.

Docs The details of the EDPS’s ongoing investigation, released today, show how Europol backtracked on EDPS’s request. “Despite EDPS’s request, Europol continues to refuse to define the maximum data retention period for processing datasets,” EDPS wrote, instead, insisting on retaining this huge amount of data … well, no matter how long the choice is around Instead of waiting, EDPS decided to use its “corrective power” to impose the 6-month retention policy mentioned above.

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