Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

After years of waiting and Teasing for about a year, EV online Can play ‘correctly’ on Mac. There are CCP games Is released This is the first truly local Eve Intel- and Apple no longer use a level of compatibility to run client-spaceship-centric MMOs for both Silicon-based Macs. It will improve performance and reduce memory demand, as you might expect, but it also enables Mac-native keyboard and mouse commands that you had to avoid so far.

The game remains free-to-play, although CCP clearly expects you to be immersed enough to spend real money. Mac users will share the same game universe as their Windows counterparts.

This is not the end of the gaming computer market. There are a lot of people who like both Macs and are determined to play EV online. This could significantly expand the number of Macs that can play Eve In the first place, though, and if you’re looking for a Mac-friendly online title out of obvious choices, the game can be a simple pick. World of Warcraft.

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