Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

After months of testimony and discussion, we got an initial Decision Earlier today in a legal battle between Apple and Epic. As Fortnite Player, you may wonder what it means to play the game on an iOS device. The short answer is no more.

The long answer is that neither side withdrew from the contest with a decisive victory. Judge Gonzalez Rogers may have ruled in favor of Epic on allowing app store developers to operate users on alternative payment systems, but in all other cases he was in favor of Apple. This includes questions about whether the company is right to close Epic’s App Store developer account. Added direct payment option Inside Fortnite Last year.

In that regard, Judge Gonzalez Rogers said Apple’s decision was “valid, legal and enforceable.” So it is up to the company to return the game to the App Store or not. Based on this fact, the tech giant rejected Epic’s request After South Korea This will require both Apple and Google to allow alternative payment systems in their App Store, and Epic says it will. , The game is unlikely to return to iOS anytime soon.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made this decision much clearer. “Fortnite IOS will return to the App Store when Epic Apple can offer in-app payments in fair competition with in-app payments, delivering the savings to consumers, “he said. Said On Twitter.

It is difficult to give a timeline when we see new developments in the situation. Court cases involving technical firms can take months and sometimes years to resolve. In the meantime, Fortnite Still available on other platforms including PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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